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·In the fields of industrial control, transportation, municipal facilities, enterprise private network, Internet of things and so on, the application of information technology has developed to the distributed and intelligent real-time control. Among them, communication has become the key, and users' requirements for unified communication protocol and network are increasingly urgent. After solving the problems of openness, real-time, synchronization, reliability, anti-interference and security, industrial Ethernet has increasingly become a bridge and backbone channel for data and information interaction.
·Shanghai Ziheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the data communication business in the industrial field, is committed to building high reliable industrial network products for customers, and provides a full range of industrial network solutions. The core team of the company has been committed to the application and promotion of industrial Ethernet in China for many years, completed a number of benchmark applications of industrial Ethernet, promoted the comprehensive application of industrial Ethernet in many industries, and helped customers to continuously improve the application level of automation and information technology.

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