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I. hardware R & D Engineer (3 persons)
1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics or related major, master basic theoretical knowledge of data communication exchange routing equipment;
2. Be familiar with the hardware development of layer-2 and layer-3 switches, and be able to independently complete the schematic design and layout work.
3. Have a good understanding of switch hardware architecture, be familiar with cadenc or pads hardware design tools, and have BCM based switch chip development experience is preferred.
4. Have a sense of responsibility, good communication ability and team spirit.
II. R & D assistant (1 person)
1. Be familiar with the basic application of computer.
2. Familiar with common software of word and excel.
3. Driver's license is preferred.
4. Good communication skills and good relationship with other colleagues.
III. Sales Engineer (5 persons)
Responsible for the sales and marketing of the company's products; the products are data communication products, which are used in industry, municipal administration, transportation, Internet of things and other fields; personal income is linked to sales performance, not capped.
We should be diligent and not cheat.
It's better to pay attention to everything and be able to self summarize.
Communication skills, no professional requirements;
Familiar with the industrial field, with the best project;

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