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Our team
The core personnel of R & D department have many years of industrial Internet development experience, in addition, there is a complete production system. To achieve a complete industrial chain of R & D, production and sales. And set up the technical committee as the decision-making, supervision, consultant and management organization of the center. The center includes four systems: innovation decision-making, innovation management, innovation R & D and innovation support. With an investment of 10 million yuan, the company has a special network equipment testing laboratory.
R & D and patent application
So far, the R & D center has completed more than 10 patents.
It has applied for more than 10 patents, such as network attack prevention technology applied to communication equipment, network user group security management technology based on proprietary algorithm, sub ring network redundancy expansion protocol applied to diversified network topology, and industrial communication equipment management based on embedded module and simple network management protocol.
Multi reorganization network and anti attack technology are the first at home and abroad, and the technology is advanced internationally
The system supporting user group isolation and anti scanning and anti IP counterfeiting submitted by Shanghai Ziheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of switch hardware and self Heng network management system software. The switch is used to build physical network, and the administrator issues security strategy to the switch through self Heng network management system. The product supports the establishment of switch ring network, which can classify the switch ports in the network into different user groups, and realize the re isolation between user groups; supports the prevention of tampering with the data frame of source IP, and realizes the anti host hijacking function; supports the listening of switch port scanning behavior, and can send out alarms and isolate the scanning source. The hardware of the product adopts customized shell and rail type installation, providing 8 electric ports, 4 optical module slots, 1 console port and 1 power interface. The administrator logs in the self managed network management system via web to issue the security policy to the switch or configures the switch locally through the console port.

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